American design professionals, Kate Hamblet (Balanced Architecture, USA) and Kyle Macht (Macht Architecture, USA) - Episode 8 (Season 10 - Industry Insiders)


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How can you create a sustainable home that supports your health and well-being?

Hello, and welcome to Episode 8 of Season 10. In this episode, I have two American design professionals. Both passionate about sustainability and creating a home that supports your health and well-being … and the planet as well … they have a wealth of knowledge and advice to share with you, wherever you’re building or renovating.

Kate Hamblet of Balanced Architecture and Kyle Macht of Macht Architecture are awesome in this interview, generously giving loads of tips and strategies to help you create a sustainable, healthy home.

I can’t wait to introduce them to you, so, let’s dive in.


Now first up, we have Kate Hamblet on the podcast.

Kate is owner and architect at Balanced Architecture, and she’s a licensed architect and sustainability expert.

Balanced Architecture is a residential design studio that puts wellness and sustainability at the heart of every project. As a wellness architect, she designs fresh, modern structures and spaces that nourish the body, the mind and the earth. Her mission is to guide people to make their home environment as healthy as possible and to turn their homes from an unwelcoming environment to a healthful retreat.

Kate is also the founder of “Balanced Home, Balanced Life”. This is an online resource that helps and teaches homeowners how to create healthy homes of their own that supporting their well-being and lifestyles in a sustainable way.

With well over a decade of architectural design experience, Kate has the expertise to guide families toward the creation of a home they will fall in love with, all while keeping them safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. She has the passion to improve others lives in the same way her own was improved when she created her own healthy home.

Kate’s also provided a special resource for the Undercover Architect community - so scroll to the bottom to see that link.

Now, let’s meet our next guest.

Next, I’d love to introduce you to Kyle Macht of Macht Architecture.

After graduating with a degree in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, Kyle Macht joined a Green Design/Build firm that specialized in energy consulting. He worked as an energy consultant for commercial buildings and new homes before becoming the lead residential designer and managing construction of several projects.

In 2015, Kyle officially joined his father’s practice to reinforce and add to Macht Architecture’s capabilities and expertise in building science, construction technology, construction management, and residential design.

This move was a return to when Kyle first discovered architecture and engineering by working in his father’s studio while studying at Penn State. Kyle has decided there’s no place he’d rather be than working with his father again to pursue their common vision for architecture, sustainability and building science to translate each client’s dreams to their fullest potential.

Listen to the episode now. And be sure to get in touch with Kate and Kyle to let them know you heard them on Undercover Architect, and to thank them for all they share!!

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