Are SIPs any good? And what kitchen trends are on their way out? - Episode 01 (HOLIDAY Q & A)


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Elizabeth got in touch:

Hi Amelia. My name's Elizabeth. I'm in Castle Hill in New South Wales.

First up, thank you for producing such a fabulous podcast, and providing so much fantastic, informative, entertaining and helpful information. It's made a huge difference to how I'm approaching the design of our new home. And that new home we're planning to build in 2020, just as soon as we settle the sale of our current home, and find the right block of land.

I will be living in that home with my husband and our three boys who will be 16, 14 and 11 by that stage, and our two very boisterous Standard Labradoodles, and six budgies live in a large cage in our house.

I'm very passionate about this home, embracing all things sustainability, and I'm quite intrigued by some of the alternative prefabricated panel constructions that I've seen on Grand Designs over the years that seem to be more prevalent in Europe than in Australia.

I know there are concrete, and structural insulated panels and cross-laminated timbers and a whole lot of other acronyms, but I don't know much more than that. So, I'm wondering, what are the benefits of using the prefabricated panels, and the different types, and how they stack up against regular brick and timber construction? Do they impact the flexibility of the design, the durability of the design, cost, time to build and sustainability, and can they be used to achieve a Passive House status?

Thank you. That's a lot of question, but I'm really looking forward to hearing your answer. And once again, thank you for such a great podcast, and all the information you provide to all of us.”

And Nicola had this question:

Hi, I'm Nicola. I live two hours north of Auckland in New Zealand. I've been listening to your podcast from day one. Fantastic.

We've just downsized and bought a three bedroom, two bathroom home. We had moved from a five bedroom plus study plus three bathroom home, thanks to your podcasts. And we've been able to renovate.

So my question is … everybody was talking on Houzz (and some of the architects on Houzz), saying that walk-in pantries were so yester-year, and also sort of breakfast bars and bar stools were yester-year. And we actually put in a black kitchen with French Oak laminate drawers, and white around the fridge and the oven. So we've got big black benches, and a couple of those cupboards are black ... so wood and black and white is our kitchen.

Have you found with clients that black is staying? It's a very kind of 'out there' colour because it came in a few years ago, and we didn't ever use it in the 1980s. Is black still in and will it stay in for a wee while?

And also this breakfast bar idea. We have a table that we sit at, as well. We don't just perch up on stools. It seems like polls that they do on Houzz and places like that ... half and half people love breakfast bar or they don't. I love mine. I'm happy with it.

And if you think walk-in pantries or butler's pantries, we don't have a sink in ours, it's just a walk-in pantry, are like yesterday's news? I don't think they are. I think they're fantastic, but they seem to be going out of fashion, as well. So just your thoughts on them. Thanks very much. Bye.”



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