Building a Sustainable Forever Home | Interview with Frances Cosway, White Pebble Interiors - Episode 16 (Season 8 - A SIMPLE GUIDE TO A SUSTAINABLE HOME)


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Want to build a sustainable forever home? Frances Cosway of White Pebble Interiors tells us about her family home.

The White Pebble Home is a stunning example of a family home that is designed to be sustainable, flexible and adaptable. And it has a natural pool to die for!


Meet Frances Cosway from White Pebble Interiors

Frances is an interior designer, published author and speaker with a passion for creating beautiful homes people love to live in. With over 15 years’ experience in renovating and building, her true passion lies with helping clients design and build their ‘Forever Homes’.

Having lived in Europe for 12 years, she draws on her own unique influences whilst seamlessly incorporating the individual styles of her clients when developing projects. Her philosophy on design is that your home is a story of you; how you live, your lifestyle and your life journey. She’s committed to ensuring every home she works on is a true reflection of its owners, based on these principles.

Frances established White Pebble Interiors in 2010, after leaving the corporate world. White Pebble Interiors is an interior design studio that specialises in creating bespoke Forever Homes.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, they pride ourselves on recommending sustainable principles and using sustainable materials wherever they can. They are open and honest and break with convention to ensure designs are not just ‘good enough’ but reflect what their clients really want them to be, based on how they live their life.

Frances wrote the book ‘Your Forever Home’ in 2017 as a practical guide for people about to embark on building or renovating.

She has completed many of her own new build and subdivision projects including the build of her family’s own ‘Forever Home’ in 2014. The house has featured in several publications including House & Garden and The Herald Sun and has been profiled internationally on Houzz. It won Winner of Bayside’s Best Ecological & Sustainable Build Award in 2015. And in this episode, we’ll be talking about this very home.

In this episode, I ask Frances …

  • So, tell us a bit about who is in your family and who the home is built for?
  • And the home’s size and location?
  • When you guys decided to build a new home, how did that make you feel as an Interior Designer?
  • Did you have specific goals around designing and building sustainably? Or did it all happen more organically than that?
  • Did you feel you were going to have to budget extra for a sustainable home? Or make any compromises?
  • How did you go about designing for sustainability?
  • What specific sustainability measures did you incorporate?
  • You did a blog about opening it up for Sustainable House Open Day, and how interested people were in the timber tiles. Can you tell us more about them, and the other finishes you chose for the home?
  • The pool … tell us all about the pool … your own billabong!
  • Is there anything you’d do differently, or wish you had included?

I’m really excited to share this home, and Frances, with you. I think you’re going to really enjoy hearing their journey to a sustainable home, and take away some great ideas and tips for your own project.

Listen to the episode now.

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