Choosing the right colour with Dulux - Episode 12 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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Is choosing the right colour for your home something you’re enjoying, or overwhelmed by?

Dulux have been helping homeowners do this with their colour forecasting for over 20 years now.

I speak with Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour and Communications Manager for the Dulux Group, about choosing colour, and their annual Colour Forecasting.

Andrea joined the company with a strong background in colour and design. Her role at Dulux Group encompasses trends and colour forecasting and presenting her findings to trade, retail and media – and of course her recommendations play an integral part in Dulux Group marketing strategies. A member of the international Colour Marketing Group (CMG) and International Color Association (AIC), Andrea scours the globe in pursuit of her passion – colour forecasting.

Dulux has been officially colour forecasting for 21 years.

In September 2019, they released their latest: 2020’s colour forecast, which is united by the theme “Essence”.

There are 4 key colour palettes: Cultivate, Comeback, Grounded and Indulge.

Each of these palettes speak to a different idea or inspiration, and contain a range of their own stunning colours. Andrea and her team have created some amazing collateral to highlight these colour palettes.

Andrea says “Colour is an essential ingredient in everything I do. It has an amazing power to transform spaces and I love the emotional connections you can create through personalising colour schemes.”

Andrea has been with Dulux for 21 years. Her passion and eye for colour, and her skill in identifying the colours we will truly want to have around us in our homes and lives, is incredible. I can’t wait to share her wisdom and advice with you ...

I really hope you enjoy this episode. Listen now.


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