Colour Psychology and using it in your home - Episode 10 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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In this episode, I speak with Karen Haller. Karen Haller is the leading international authority in the field of Applied Colour Psychology - how colour affects and influences our behaviour. With over twenty years of experience, she teaches, consults for businesses, interiors, healthcare and wellbeing; and has worked with prestigious global brands such as Marks and Spencer, Dove and AkzoNobel Dulux. She has also been interviewed for Cosmopolitan, Stylist and The Times, contributed to the Huffington Post, and appeared on London Live and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

I was personally researching colour psychology, and came across Karen’s newly published book, “The Little Book of Colour”. It has the subtitle: How to use the psychology of colour to transform your life … which is a big promise, but the book totally delivers.

I’m so excited to be speaking with Karen in this episode of the podcast, and sharing her wisdom with you. I know it’s helped me look at colour very differently … because when we can harness the power of colour, it’s an opportunity to truly enrich our homes, and our lives, so they really align with our personalities and families.

Karen and I talk about ...

  • What prompted her to write “The Little Book of Colour”
  • What is colour psychology
  • How to understand the positive and adverse impacts of colour on your behaviour
  • How to combine colours together effectively
  • Understanding your colour personality across all aspects of your life and environment
  • Using colour in your home and why it can fail
  • And working effectively with colour in your home

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode!


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