Designing your home? How to know what it’ll cost. And Velux skylights. - Episode 05 (HOLIDAY Q & A)


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Hello! In the last of our special Q & A episodes, Brett has a brilliant question about working out costs early in his project, and Patricia wants some info on skylights. So, let’s dive in.

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Brett has this question:

Good day Amelia, my name's Brett. I'm from Perth in Western Australia. We've got a young family, two little kids, and we're in the process of planning and designing our future forever home.

Being a mechanical engineer, I'm big with planning, designing and quantifying decisions. While the technical stuff I'm comfortable with, what I'm having trouble with is the costing side.

There's a lot of information out there on general square meterage cost of a typical home for this and that what I'm wondering what resources and how would one go about getting a bit more detail in initial first pass costing for the different concepts and building systems and approaches to building a home.

Not looking for high level detail that you'd get from a quantity surveyor, but I'm keen to be able to get a feel for myself as to the differences in costs to use brick over timber framing, using slab floor over timber flooring, and different ways of doing roof systems and the implication of costs.

Just so I can get a feel for the implications of these different designs and building systems and ideas that I've got. And how they're going to change the costs. So I can make these very early stage basic conceptual decisions about where to head with the design of the home before I go jumping in with a desired approach that completely doesn't suit budgets.

Hope you can help. I love your podcasts, have listened to everything single one - extremely beneficial. Keep up the great work.”

And Patricia wants to know if she can get more light from her Velux:

Hello, Amelia. My name is Patricia from Victoria. We are planning to build, but in the meantime I would like more light.

There is a Velux in the living room ceiling, 50 centimetre by 1.3 metre. It's not flush with the ceiling. Is it possible to enlarge the casement to provide a wider angle of light, and how much more light could we get? Thank you.”



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