Getting it Right in Your Home’s Interior Design - Episode 0 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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Hello and welcome to a brand new podcast season! In this episode, I’m going to be giving you an outline of the season to come, plus tell you more about my co-host, and an exciting new online program that’s been created to celebrate this season too.

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I’m super excited about this upcoming season.

Firstly, because I know how massively helpful it’s going to be for you … not only if you’re planning a renovation or new home, but even if you’re doing smaller projects in your home.

Secondly, I know that this season is going to uncover a lot of nitty gritty topics that I consistently see confuse or frustrate homeowners. Often because a lot of this information is sourced through the process of buying the things we’ll be talking about … and so you’re never sure if the information and advice you’re receiving is impartial or simply someone trying to sell you something.

Thirdly, the decisions that you have to make in this particular area of your building or renovation project, often feel really exciting, but also BIG and impactful … because it’s an area where you, as the homeowner, can actually feel and touch and envisage the results of your choices, but it’s a huge area of choice, and that can be really overwhelming when you get into the deep end of all of your decisions.

So, what am I talking about?

Well, in this season, we’re going to be diving into Interior Design Basics. Materials, finishes, fixtures, design ideas, inspiration, how to choose, how to get help and support and what decisions really matter in the creation of your future home’s interior design.

My co-host for much of this season is Interior Designer and Author, Frances Cosway.

Now, if you listened to the season on sustainable design, you may have heard my interview with Frances Cosway about her own sustainable forever home. Frances is an Interior Designer and Decorator, and a published author of the book “Your Forever Home”. And she’s the principal of her own business, White Pebble Interiors.

Frances is fantastically honest and down to earth. You’ll often hear her say in these discussions that things have to be functional. They have to be practical as well as look good. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in building, renovating, interior design and decoration.

I think you’re going to love all the wisdom and generosity that Frances brings in how she shares her knowledge, recommendations and tips for your interior design throughout this season. And I know it’ll be incredible for helping you make more confident choices in your projects as you move forward.

And along the way, I’ll also be chatting to other fantastic industry professionals to add to the extensive info we’re sharing across this season. I’ve connected with some of my favourite brands to ask them to jump on the podcast and share their insights too, so we can really explore and uncover so much nitty gritty know-how. You’ll be super armed for your Interior design journey.

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