How To Create A Home You Love On Any Budget


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Whether you’re renovating or building new, how can you create a home you love? On any budget?

Whether you’re renovating or building new, after all that time, money and effort to plan, design and build your project, you want it to be somewhere you love living don’t you! That’s the whole point isn’t it?

Well, in this episode, I’ve got 7 tips when it comes to creating a renovated or new home you love. I’ll be sharing with you what these 7 tips are, and how you can apply them on any budget to create a fantastic home that feels great.

And I also want to share some news with you about my online program “How to Get it Right in Your New Home or Reno”. If you’ve been thinking about joining, and you’re listening to this podcast before the 1st of October, 2019, you’re going to want to hear this important info.


Now before we get on with those 7 tips, I’d like you to first think for a moment about what stresses you about creating your future home. Through Undercover Architect, I have the privilege of connecting with and speaking with thousands of homeowners every year, and the fears and challenges they experience are all very similar. Perhaps these may be familiar to you.

The 4 main fears I hear are:

  • Budget … can I afford to do what I want to do, and how will I prevent blowouts?
  • Time … how much time will this take, and how will I fit it into my life?
  • Unknowns … and where they might trip you up
  • Not stuffing it up … Getting it right

And so, that’s why today, I really want to help you see what mistakes you can avoid so that you can save stress around these challenges. And what you need to know to get it right in the future home you’re creating.

I’m going to be sharing the key characteristics common to fantastic homes. In almost 25 years of doing this, I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t - over the long term. So, I’ll be sharing my proven methods to make your future home work for you. With all the choices you’ll be needing to make, you’ll then know what to prioritise, and what to avoid … and how you can create a renovated or new home you love … on any budget.

Listen to the episode now.

And before I go, I want to share some news about my online program “How to Get it Right”. If you’d like more help and support in designing, building and renovating your home, it’s a fantastic way you can get properly prepared, and be supported with guidance, knowledge and tools to get it right in your future home, and the journey to create it.

“How to Get it Right in Your Reno or New Home” is perfect if you’re still thinking about renovating or building, doing your research and getting prepared. It will radically streamline your process and help you not waste time or money.

It’s also perfect if you’re about to start designing, or already have your design underway - whether working on it yourself, with a designer, or directly with a builder.

If you’re listening to this podcast at the time of release, I want to share with you that “How to Get it Right” is increasing in price on the 1st of October - 2019.

We've been adding new Q & A sessions, plus expert interviews, and it continues to be an incredible program that really helps homeowners get ready for their reno or new build. With no expiry, a monthly Q & A, a raft of know-how, checklists and tools AND a proven system ... it saves far, far more in stress, time and money, than the cost of joining.

“How to Get it Right” is my own proven step by step system, that takes you through the 4 stages of any build or renovation project:

  • Before you begin designing, we look at the things you need to do to get yourself prepared, find your team and avoid delays later
  • Getting your design right dives into what are the core fundamentals of creating a great family home, how to get clear on what you need and want, and then communicate those things to those who need to know
  • Before you build looks at getting your approvals, ensuring your quotes are accurate and all the things you need to do before construction so you don’t have variations and budget blowouts on site
  • Getting your project built then steps you through choosing your builder, and sets up the process for great communication on site, as well as maintaining your systems and records during that time

Hundreds and hundreds of homeowners have done this online program, and found it to be super helpful in arming them with the knowledge and resources they need to be confident in their project. More than one member has told me they’ve been asked what part of the industry they’re from because they know how to ask great questions and have informed conversations with their potential team members. This program is all about helping you move simply and efficiently through your project, saving time, money and stress.

What I love most is hearing from homeowners about how much more relaxed they are about their projects. They still know there'll be challenges and hiccups ... but they have the tools and knowledge they need.

This may sound a little woo woo ... but how you show up in your renovation or new build project will totally impact the results you get. And if you want to show up as an informed and super savvy homeowner, getting educated is key. "How to Get it Right" simplifies this for you, as I take you through my own step-by-step system, with checklists and guides along the way.

If you've been sitting on the fence about joining, grab the opportunity to access it now before the price rise on October 1st, 2019.

"How to Get it Right in Your Reno or New Build" will transform your renovation or building experience - and the finished home waiting for you at the end of your journey.

Head to to learn more and join us.


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