How to design a home without an architect


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It can be common for homeowners to get really caught up in worrying about the finishes, the builder, the quality of construction. But one thing I know for sure is this: you can have a home with all the high-end finishes, built by the most amazing builder to the highest quality, and still have a terrible design that makes the home horrible to live in on a day-to-day basis.

I firmly believe that those lines on a page, the drawings that you’re creating either by yourself, or in working with someone, will dictate how you get to live, feel and function both in and beyond your home for years and years to come. And I think it can be the most frustrating and slow part of the renovating or building process for homeowners, for a few reasons.

Sooo … is it possible to design your home without an architect? Well, in a lot of places around the world, and especially in Australia, it is. In fact, in Australia, the only part of the process you need a professional for is to prepare your approval drawings, because there are certain benchmarks you need to satisfy to present your plans for council and building approval.

However, you’re planning to, or currently creating your design for your new home or renovation … whether you’re working with a professional or not … I did want to share the key ways to approach and work through your design process so that you get it right. So, you can make sure this happens if you’re designing your home yourself OR you can keep your designer accountable to providing this level of service to you as they work with you.

There are 3 main investigations I see missing from the design process when a homeowner does it themselves, or they work with a professional who doesn’t use a holistic design approach. And remember I said the things that happen when a home isn’t designed well, it can mean the home is ...

  • uncomfortable to live in,
  • expensive to heat and cool,
  • lacks flexibility for family life over the long term, and
  • completely waste the opportunities available for their site and their budget

When certain investigations don’t happen during the design process, it’s, unfortunately, more likely to end up with a home that doesn’t work. Because if you don’t include these 3 things, these methods of examination or investigation, then you completely miss crucial information to inform your design with.



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