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How can you use Interior Design to create spaces that look and feel great in your home?

Interior Designer, Tara Dennis, has some seriously great ideas to help you create spaces that look and feel great, and make your home truly work for you.

In this episode, I speak with Tara Dennis, USA Director of Archie Bolden. Long-time readers of the Undercover Architect blog will recognise Tara from her involvement in the Anderson Project, which features as a project diary on the Undercover Architect website, as we followed a family building their new home.

Tara and I have worked together at different times in different businesses, and I’ve always loved working with her. She brings great fun and energy to projects, as well as her brilliant skill and talent.

Tara is now USA based, and her business, which was formally known as TD Creative Agency, has recently gone through a rebrand into the fantastic brand, Archie Bolden. With offices in both Australia and the USA, Tara has boatloads to share with us about how to use Interior Design to create spaces in your home that look AND feel great.

So, let me tell you more about Tara and Archie Bolden.


Archie Bolden is the audaciously creative brainchild of daring duo — Tara Dennis and Hayley Richards.

In a past life, Archie Bolden was formerly known as TD Creative Agency - a Brisbane design studio, born in 2014 by the fearless, Tara Dennis. Fast forward half a decade, and they’ve evolved to have dual city studios with projects scattered throughout Australia and the USA; and upon entering a new era of business - Archie Bolden was born.

At Archie Bolden, they believe in people and they believe in design, and they bring those two elements together to create spaces that reflect the values, desires and intentions of those who engage them.

Archie Bolden is young, modern, enthusiastic and considered and has a knack for knowing what you want, (sometimes before you’ve even realised it yourself) and delivers it in a way that shoots the sun out of the sky.

Tara Dennis is an Interior Designer and is the USA Director of Archie Bolden.

With a background in residential property development, commercial real estate and a side hustle in high-end furniture manufacturing, she boasts one hearty repertoire of design-related skills and experience.

Tara’s relaxed management style, deep understanding of property and passion for interior design enables her to combine the creative with the business and provide an all-encompassing solution that is not just good looking, but practical and well-planned. She believes in purposeful design intentions that are a true reflection of her clients' personalities and values, and has no fear when entering uncharted design-related waters... nothing memorable ever came out of playing it safe!

I think this from the Archie Bolden website, really sums up their approach … they say:

“We believe in engaging as human to human, not business to business. We’re interested in designing with you collaboratively, with sincerity and integrity. We do all that we do, to enable you to be all that you can be.”

Tara is based in the USA, and Hayley is based in Brisbane, and together they provide a unique approach that produces stunning projects on both continents.


  • What type of projects do you generally work on?
  • What is the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?
  • How does a homeowner best work with an Interior Designer?
  • How do you help your clients stay on track and avoid decision overwhelm?
  • Why is it so important to give your home’s interior design a personality - both holistically, and on a room-by-room basis?
  • What are your top Interior Design tips for kitchens?
  • What are your top Interior Design tips for bathrooms?
  • How do you recommend homeowners approach the lighting design for their home?
  • What about trends? How do you create timeless design that’s still stylish?
  • Why do you use textures so much in your work?
  • How do you help homeowners be brave with their Interior Design choices?

I know you’ll love this interview - Tara shares very generously from her experience and expertise how to really use Interior Design and Decoration to ensure your home truly works for you … so you can be all you can be.

Listen to the episode now. And be sure to get in touch with Tara to let her know you heard her on Undercover Architect, and to thank her for all she shares!!

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