Interviews with Australian industry professionals, Caroline Jean-Baptiste (Mortgage Choice, QLD) + Peta Charles (Brisbane Town Planning, QLD) - Episode 6 (Season 10 - INDUSTRY INSIDERS)


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How do you get the money you need for your renovation or new build project? And what’s involved in understanding town planning rules so you know what you’re allowed to do?

Welcome to Episode 6 of Season 10. In this episode, I have two Australian industry professionals generously sharing some incredible insight into their areas of expertise: Mortgages and Finance, and Town Planning and Approvals.

My first guest on this episode, is Caroline Jean-Baptiste, from Mortgage Choice Fortitude Valley (Brisbane), QLD. And my second guest is Peta Charles, from Brisbane Town Planning, QLD.


My first guest is Caroline Jean-Baptiste, and she’s on a mission to get people talking about money.

Caroline is a specialist in finance with more than 12 years working as a Mortgage Broker in her own business. Her passion is working with her clients to achieve the life they want through home ownership and wealth creation. She is dedicated to helping first home buyers get into their home and existing homeowners renovate and upgrade.

She owns award-winning Mortgage Broking business, Mortgage Choice, based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. And she and her team serve all of Brisbane.

Getting finance to fund your renovation or new build project can be stressful and full of challenges. And yet, making it happen is often key to your project happening - or not!

And, my second guest for this episode is Peta Charles, from Brisbane Town Planning.

Brisbane Town Planning promises to make designers look good. How? They say ...

“It's simple, we actively work to get their jobs out of a Town Planning application (aka DA). This saves their clients time and money. Which as you can imagine, earns them some serious kudos, brownie points, bragging rights and general good vibes with their clients.”

Listen to the episode now. And be sure to get in touch with Caroline and Peta to let them know you heard them on Undercover Architect, and to thank them for all they share!!

This podcast is an edited version of the full interviews with Caroline and Peta. Those interviews are now featured inside my online course “How to Get it Right in Your Reno or New Home” for Australian homeowners.

In her full interview, Caroline shares more information about how to assess your mortgage broker, whether it’s better to go to a broker or the bank, and some key strategies for more successful borrowing in your renovation or new build project (especially if you can’t access all the cash you need straight away).

In her full interview, Peta also shares information on ...

  • why architects and designers may not be the best professional to prepare your town planning application
  • what to do if council says ‘no’ to your application to improve your chances of getting your project through
  • things to know about the Traditional Character Overlay in Brisbane City Council
  • Acceptable Solutions vs Performance Solutions, and why do they matter to your approval

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