Interviews with Project Manager, Riye Arai-Coupe (Bluebird Property Partners) + Builder, Sarah Heys (The Built Element) - Episode 10 (Season 10 - INDUSTRY INSIDERS)


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How do you get the best from your budget, your design, your project team and the home you’re creating?

Welcome to Episode 10 of Season 10. This episode is a great lesson in what professionalism looks like in the renovation and building industry. Both guests are experienced and passionate about their projects and clients, and helping them get the best results for their projects.

My first guest on this episode, is Riye Arai-Coupe, of Bluebird Property Partners in Brisbane. And my second guest is Sarah Heys, owner of The Built Element, a Maitland based, boutique building business.


So, firstly let me tell you about Riye.

At Bluebird Property Partners, Riye is a Client-Side Project Manager. She helps busy property owners to coordinate their renovations and new builds from start to finish.

Most of Bluebird’s clients come to them because they want to renovate but they don’t know the first place to start – or they have some knowledge but just don’t have time to execute the project – between their day jobs and family commitments.

After a long and successful career in property development, Riye left the corporate world in 2018 and founded Bluebird Property Partners with another female development professional Claire O’Rourke. They started Bluebird because they wanted to help people realise their property dreams.

Riye and Claire know that renovating and building can be one of the most stressful processes in a person’s life. They wanted to remove that stress and help make the process more enjoyable!

Bluebird is an all-female team and thus like to think that they work with their clients and on each of their projects in a way that is not commonly found in the industry. Not only do they have the experience and expertise, they offer a highly transparent, personalised and thoughtful service to their clients and treat every project like it is their own.

And my second guest in this interview is Sarah Heys, owner and founder of The Built Element.

Sarah Heys is director and owner of The Built Element, a construction business she founded in Maitland, NSW, in 2014.

The Built Element offers residential and commercial Client Side Project Management consulting services, Residential New Builds and Development Feasibilities with Land Owners.

Sarah has 25 years’ construction experience in the commercial and residential building sectors, on a vast array of projects. She now brings this knowledge to The Built Element projects.

As she outlines in our interview, she has worked on everything from $70 million commercial projects and significant government work, through to high end apartments and everything in between.

Sarah’s passion is sustainable design and construction. To build better is not hard, but there are a complex number of factors that all must align, for it to be a well resolved build.

At The Built Element, they believe that good building is honest, it is sustainable, it is pleasing and functional, and it feeds the senses.

Listen to the episode now. And be sure to get in touch with Riye and Sarah to let them know you heard them on Undercover Architect, and to thank them for all they share!!

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In the full interview, Riye shares some key knowledge on ...

  • how they ensure projects are designed on budget, with no nasty surprises
  • how closely they work with the designer and client during the design phase, and their involvement in design decisions
  • the key to collaborative teams that work well together
  • her tips for interviewing a builder to choose one well

In the full interview, Sarah also shares information on ...

  • how she suggests you choose a builder, and what mistakes she sees homeowners make
  • what you should expect from your builder in the process of signing your contract
  • whether you really need to make all your selections and decisions before finalising your contract
  • what building in a climate region like Maitland’s requires for design and materials
  • how to consider double glazing and BASIX assessments on your project
  • what the differences are for homeowners and builders when their project is in a regional location

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