Key things to know about Prefab, and designing a south-facing home. - Episode 02 (HOLIDAY Q & A)


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Meredith’s question:

Hi, Amelia. My name is Meredith. I'm really enjoying your podcast. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge.

We're currently living in Queensland. We plan on building a retirement/holiday home on acreage in Victoria in the next couple of years.

We've been looking at the option of building a modular home and wondering if you will be covering this subject (modular and prefab homes), in any future podcasts.

Also, at any particular things I need to look out for when designing and planning a modular home. Thank you.”

And Gabrielle had this question:

Hi Amelia. My name is Gabrielle. I live on the South coast of Victoria. We've recently bought a block, a beautiful block. It is South-looking, it overlooks a river. It's gorgeous, and we'd love to build our dream home on there.

I've looked through and heard all your podcasts and look through lots of the information about building south and we'll certainly incorporate plenty of your suggestions about bringing north light into the home.

However, where we live is quite cold much of the year. We only get a handful of really hot days, and so then, when we're designing our living and alfresco spaces, I'm wondering whether we should be designing to the southeast or the southwest.

When you're in a really cold climate, is western afternoon, evening sun still the devil, or is it something we can actually utilise to warm up our living areas in the evening? Any recommendations would be gratefully appreciated.”



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