Shopping online for tiles with TileCloud - Episode 11 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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What do you need to know about shopping online for tiles? We talk with Floss Kelly, co-founder, about TileCloud.

If you’re selecting and ordering tiles, there are key things to know so you don’t run into issues on site. Shopping online can be a great alternative.

Florence (or Floss as she first introduced herself to me!) is the Brand Director and Co-Founder of online store TileCloud, and she is one of three faces, of the tile store that Australian's love.

And Floss is definitely the design savvy of TileCloud. She has a Bachelor in Design from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, majoring in Ceramics. Using her design and ceramics background and impressive history in global retail - she and the TileCloud team have changed the Home Renovations and Interior Industry.

If you haven’t come across TileCloud yet, you’re going to love (love!) it. TileCloud is an online tile supply business. With a beautiful website, an incredibly gorgeous, curated collection of tiles to choose from, and the ability to order samples through to much bigger quantities, all from the comfort of your lounge room, TileCloud is such an incredible way to source tiles for any project.

This ISN’T sponsored content … I just think TileCloud are awesome! I hope you enjoy this episode. Listen now.


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In this full interview featured inside Interior Design 101, Floss and I talk on some other great tiling topics, including …

  • Why epoxy grout is not common in residential projects
  • Recommendations regarding sealing your tiles
  • Managing batching and stock amounts when ordering tiles at different times
  • What else to order with your tiles to get a great result
  • Tips for getting it right with tile selection

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