The Essentials of Kitchen Interior Design - Episode 08 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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Your Kitchen Interior Design can create a kitchen that works, is durable and looks great. But are you ready for ALL the decisions and considerations you need to make?

Kitchens are a big source of cost and angst in a home. They can be the hero of a family home and often the starting point for Interior Design direction for many homeowners.

They’re often a really sizeable investment, and they can be the whole reason many homeowners renovate or build in the first place. Anyone living with a dysfunctional kitchen knows how frustrating and inconvenient it can be in everyday family life.

However, kitchens that work, and look good, involve SO much many decisions and considerations. And I really encourage you to be thinking about all of these nitty gritty details as you’re designing the kitchen itself, so you know your dreams and budget are tracking in alignment with each other.

We’re talking about your Kitchen Interior Design, and specifically kitchen cupboards, kickplates, doors and drawers. I hope you enjoy this episode. Listen now.


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