Tiling: Types, terminology and things to know for your floors - Episode 05 (Season 11 - INTERIOR DESIGN BASICS)


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Choosing tiles for your family home’s floors can be a fantastic, durable and sustainable choice. There are so many options now, with colours and patterns to suit any home.

Yet, many homeowners are put off by tiles, and keep them purely to their bathrooms and laundry.

Thinking them too hard, or too cold, I see homeowners avoid them for their main flooring. However, they’re a brilliant and affordable flooring choice when you understand the terminology, know how to choose well, and can make a great selection for your home.

During our conversation, we dive into …

+ the different tile materials and terminology

+ what to know about the various tile types

+ tile batching

+ tips to get a great result with tiled floors

I hope you enjoy this episode. Listen now.


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