What Will Really Get Your Renovation or New Home Built? - Episode 6 (Season 9 - KEEPING IT REAL)


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If you’re just wanting to get your renovation or new home built, the real life process may be disappointing for you. Why?

Reality TV and online renovating / building are ALL about the build … and this is a huge departure from the time, investment and team required to make your project happen.

The real life process involves a lot more than just the construction phase.


There are actually 4 phases to any project. Whether you’re building or renovating, wherever you’re located, and whatever your budget. These 4 phases are:

#1 Before you begin

#2 Getting your design right

#3 Before you build

#4 Getting your project built

Reality TV and online renovating and building are all about phase #4. Because this is the exciting part. It makes good content. It creates engaging, dramatic footage. And it’s fun to see a dream take shape in floors, rooms and buildings on a site.

So many homeowners focus their attention and effort on racing to the construction phase. It’s all about the build. Fast-tracking the design. Going directly to a builder with their own floor plan. A huge sense of urgency to make.it.happen.

Because that’s what we see on TV and online … dramatic countdowns to insane deadlines, and exhausted but elated renovators and home builders loving what they’ve created (insert high-fiving here).

In reality TV and online, it makes great content.

In real life … it’s a recipe for a stressful, expensive and not-so-great build.

For not getting the choices you want in your home. For blowing your budget. For blowing your timeline. And for missing opportunities to create the right home for you in a managed, strategic and on-budget way.

So what will really get your project built?

In this episode, I share key things you need to know about every phase of your renovation or building project. I also give tips to help you get it right so that construction is low-stress, runs smoothly, and you get what you actually want for your home.

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