Episode 063: Emilie Röell | Social entrepreneur & Founder of Doh Eain


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Emilie Röell is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Doh Eain. When not helping locals renovate their historical homes and shops, you might find her hiking and motorbiking in scenic destinations across the world. Know more about her on LinkedIn Listen to her journey from growing up in The Netherlands and studying cultural anthropology and philosophy, to working with international developmental organizations, and now breathing new life into several urban spaces of Yangon. Doh Eain is a not-for-profit social enterprise that undertakes heritage conservation and placemaking. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel Know more on their LinkedIn profile

A passionate group of architects, designers, and planners, Doh Eain aims to bring people closer to the places they live by facilitating pleasant surroundings.

Explore their diverse projects that range from beautifying back alleys, creating public playgrounds, restoring heritage buildings to empowering locals via managing their colonial properties.

Also mentioned on this episode: 19th street ADB Anorexia Anthropology Asian Venture Philanthropy Network - AVPN Aung San Suu Kyi Buddhism Confucianism Dawei European Union Gulam Indian Himalayas Kawthaung Kayah state Lashio Little India, Yangon Nepal Organic farming Palm Islands Permaculture Pushing Myanmar San Francisco Shan state Shwedagon pagoda Singapore shophouses SOCAP Social entrepreneurship Southern China The Netherlands Theravada Buddhism United Nations Vipassana meditation World Bank Yangon Yangon City Development Committee ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of Icons8 and YouTube Audio Library Hang - Music by Max Sergeev from FugueIschia by The Mini Vandals Mix It Up by RalphReal Sunshine on Sand by Unicorn Heads All photographs courtesy of Doh Eain, and Emilie Röell, unless otherwise stated

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