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Guest host Alyson Garrido talks with Kathryn Jackson about resilience in job search and at work. They discuss how we can more consciously build our own wellbeing and resilience at work based in the 4 foundations of resilience - emotional honesty, self care, connectedness and learning.; Kathryn is a Leadership Coach, specialising in working with managers and leaders to design and create confidence, career success and resilience – and then helping them to understand how to support their team in achieving the same. She is also the author of Resilience at Work: Practical Tools for Career Success. This book is an essential guide to maintaining resilience in this ever-changing environment, whether you are working in a turbulent field, navigating the job market or simply trying to realise your career ambitions. Based on Kathryn's own experience of working under extreme circumstances in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand and enhanced by collaboration with leading resilience experts from around the world, this book is packed with stories, resources and personal coaching to support you to: learn about the importance of emotional honesty as a foundation for true resilience, explore how your levels of self-care influence your ability to re-energise and stay strong, consider how having the right sort of connections play a part in your ability to flourish, reflect on how you have been learning (and changing) along your journey to resilience. Learn more by visiting ;careerbalance.co.nz. Alyson Garrido is passionate about helping professionals advance their careers and find jobs they will enjoy. As a career coach, she partners with her clients to identify their strengths and create a path toward a more fulfilling career. Alyson provides support around preparing for interviews, performance reviews and salary negotiations, ensuring that you present yourself in the best possible light for job search and career advancement. Learn more or book a session with Alyson by visiting alysongarrido.com.

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