Get Smart With Your Money February


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In February we are getting SMART with our money. We are getting aligned as a couple on our personal finances, and we're excited about it. It's something we've been honestly avoiding for some time.

Let me know if this resonates with you...for some reason we do not enjoy diving into our personal finances. We love investing, we love making money, we love spending money, but historically we haven't loved being aware of all our spending and being mindful of where all our money goes.

So this month we're getting smart with our money. A few things we're doing:

1) We watched a Netflix documentary called Get Smart With Our Money. Highly recommend watching it.

2) We are doing weekly Family Finance Friday meetings every Friday morning to get aligned on our finances, track our weekly spending and see how we're progressing towards our financial goals.

3) We're doing a SMART SPEND February. Not a no spend, which felt low vibe for us, but a smart spend. Meaning we will pay for our living expenses, the necessities, food, rent, etc. Beyond that we'll have a discretionary account for the week, say $250 to spend on things that aren't needed like going out to dinner. That number should be relative to you and your family.

4) We're working on our money mindset to become NEUTRAL with money. Not to desire it, need it, seek it, be scared of it, feel anxious about it, but know that its a means of exchange, we can go make it, we can spend it, invest it, do whatever with it.

We're excited to get intentional with money in February, and we'd love for you to join us! If you want to join us share this episode to your social media and tag us and let us know you're joining Get Smart With Your Money February!


  • [2:36] Getting smart with your money.
  • [3:54] How much alone time do you need?
  • [5:57] How this theme of money came about?
  • [12:29] Smart spend February.
  • [19:57] How do you feel about your finances?
  • [25:52] Fixed expenses vs variable expenses.
  • [32:29] If everyone started from scratch, money would end up in the same hands.


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