Ep 164 - Cheryl Lynn Carter


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Cheryl Lynn Carter discusses her book Dimensions: Mysterious Triangles of the U.S. Cheryl Lynn Carter is a Psychic Medium, Remote-Viewer, and one of the founding members of Project PSI Institute. To date, they have rescued 345 Missing Children, closed 21 Cold Cases, and shut down 19 Human-Trafficking Rings. Having her first paranormal experience at age four built the foundation for becoming a paranormal and historical researcher for the past twenty years. Cheryl is an Experiencer, member of MUFON and CE-5. She served as a consultant for Thomas Conwell’s book “They Are Here: Central U.S. UFOs.” She is the author of multiple books and is a freelance journalist for Paranormal Underground Magazine, Chicago Hauntings, iHeart Magazine, and Mind, Body Spirit Guide.

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