Episode 20: The Early Days (& Chubby Girls Don't Cheer!)


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Get ready for an exciting episode! Hosts Ashley and Christine have an interview with Kelly Clinger, who knew the *NSYNC guys back in the day, even before they WERE *NSYNC! Kelly has an amazing new book out called Chubby Girls Don't Cheer, which you can buy here! This interview is a blast and Kelly has some truly amazing stories, which go perfectly with the main topic of this episode, the early days of *NSYNC! We also cover the *NSYNC news of the week; Justin's new movie announcement, Lance's various interviews, Joey at a Big Guys reunion, JC existing in the world (probably), and Nash Kirkpatrick, the honorary 6th member of *NSYNC, bein' a cutie! And as always, a classic IT'S GONNA BE MEMES!

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