Making money as a medium and solopreneurship, with Jessica Lanyadoo, resident Girlboss astrologer


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It’s no secret that at Girlboss, we love horoscopes. We publish them monthly on our site, and, if you’re a member of the Girlboss network, you can check yours daily! It's true that in recent years, there’s been an uptick in the popularity of the Zodiac and all things astrology among millennials. But what about the people whose job it is to provide all this astrology-related content? On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down to chat about the business of being a mystic with Girlboss resident astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo. Jessica is a well-known astrologer and psychic medium who has cultivated a fanbase and client roster that spans the globe. Since starting her career with a weekly newspaper horoscope, Jessica has grown her brand and services to include the podcast, Ghost of a Podcast, the TLC digital show, Stargazing, and a new book slated for release next year, Astrology for Real Relationships.
Tune in to hear Jessica give Sophia a quick lesson on what it really means to be clairvoyant and how she manages her many hustles. Plus, find out how Jessica came to terms with setting client fees that felt right and made financial sense, given her unique skillset.
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