Best of: The Parents - Nazi's, adoption, & Entrepreneurs


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As a young child, Jenny's father, David and his family fled their home near Paris to escape the Nazi invasion. They almost didn't make it and share a harrowing story of the escape.

His father left a successful business and his wife was pregnant with twins when the decision was made. They walked to the border and waited a few weeks at Spain's border. They booked passage on the freighter after bribing the ship captain after crossing the Pyrenees mountains.

They were the only ones in their family's lineage to make it out.

He discusses growing up as a Jewish child in the 40s and 50s and the antisemitism that existed in our country at that time. His father had no funds when they arrived but he did have some jewelry that he had sewn into the lining of his jacket. He went to night school to learn English and get his citizenship. He then would buy distressed businesses and bring them back to health. He was an innovator.

We hear their love story that started as high school sweethearts and the story of their humorous and interesting wedding.

They worked hard to provide a different kind of life for their children, they were foster parents and took in unwed teenage mothers through Catholic Charities. There has been a massive ripple effect as a result of their history.

We get the answer to the question about whether or not Jenny's dad knew their daughter was drunk and he chose to ignore it or he knew and let it go.

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