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How do you discover your innate gifts? How do you find out what they are? Traci shares about her process that came from her own life experience. How do you discover your "zone of genius." Zone of Genius is what you were made for, it's the shape of the puzzle piece that is "you" and how you "fit" into the world around you. She asks people to have people ask themselves: What are things that people have said about you over the years that has surprised you?

The irony for many people is that their gift is usually found in an area that they once thought of as a weakness. Traci has always been able to spot incongruencies, even as a child. But no one likes to be called out as an adult by a child and this would often result in her getting in "trouble" for what she perceived as speaking the truth. Now her discernment and visionary qualities are the backbones of her business.

Sarah shares the story of the first time she realized what her innate gift and how once she realized now she had all this evidence throughout her life supporting it and how it has created grounded confidence that she can be in alignment with that and that allows her to serve on a whole other level.

Everything you tell yourself as a story. Right? All our reality is our perception. So why don't you come up with a story that works for you instead of against you? - Traci Philips

Question? Why do I have all of the trappings of success that you would expect and I still internally don't feel filled?

Answer: You're operating from your zone of excellence (your resume and accomplishments), not your zone of genius (who you are innate). You've told yourself this is how you're supposed to show up, as opposed to actually showing up as who you are. Because the only way you can feel fulfilled is if you are being who you are.

I think a lot of people think of self-worth and confidence is one and the same and they're distinctly different. So when people say, how can I be confident and not arrogant? I answer that the arrogance piece is more tied to self-worth than it is confidence.

Confidence is often just doing it enough times, you'll be confident.

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