Stephanie Mojica - The one about how to be a writer and get stuck in Suriname during a pandemic


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Drawing on her 17-year tenure as an award-winning journalist with publications such as "USA Today," "The Philadelphia Inquirer," "San Francisco Chronicle," and "The Virginian-Pilot," among many others, her greatest passion is working with executives, attorneys, consultants, coaches, and business owners to craft their story into a book they can be proud of.

She also considered herself a digital nomad and recorded her episode from the country of Suriname in South America. We talk about her adventures in travel.

We talk about her career's beginning in journalism and the state of journalism today. We talk about bias in media and how people today can write something and publish it as journalism on social media, but it wasn't vetted or fact-checked by anyone.

Stephanie shares tips and tricks for successful authors on how to get the word out after the book is written. One tip: stay away from print on demand!

We also discuss our shared pet peeve of people calling themselves coaches who can help you grow your business to six figures who have never had a six-figure business or have only achieved a six-figure business by coaching people on how to have a six-figure business. Since the pandemic, there has been a large influx in coaches, and we discuss the lack of regulation, accreditation, or certifications for business coaches.

Stephanie helps people write about what they are passionate about and speak difficult truths. One truth she has been sharing more often lately is being open about speaking out against racism. She experienced white privilege for the first time in a foreign country. Although she is not white, she was assumed to be white and treated differently than her travel companions because of her American passport.

If you're interested in finding out about this stuff, you can find her on Instagram. You can check out my free book, three things you must know before writing your book, on her website. Get their attention now. She is all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and she is active clubhouse.

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