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Jenny got a call from a producer looking for someone with her specific skillset from an ABC show. So she is excited to be on an upcoming episode of Free Enterprise that helps people who are recently out of prison start their own entrepreneurial journey.

Joe was not appropriately excited by Jenny's news of being on TV.

Sarah is so excited for Jenny and talks about how people are so suspicious about voice mails being spam or fake and was a bit surprised that Jenny even called the casting agent back. It's important to assume the best.

We talk about the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and the importance of mindset for entrepreneurs. People usually only see the wins of other people's journeys because that is usually the only story they share.

We choose our thoughts and have to be cognizant of our mindset.

We talks about how both Jenny and Sarah's quarter 3 were like watching a dumpster fire and how they got out of that mindset cycle of anxiety.

Everything is not Pinterest perfect or "social media life."

Sarah has posted images of herself crying in the car or rough parenting stories in order to be transparent and authentic.

Sarah tells the story of how her 10-year-old son decided to play hide and seek while she and the family were at the bank. When you share those really raw and vulnerable moments, you will get backlash from people that don't understand the power of vulnerability. Sarah shares how to deal with the criticism that comes with being vulnerable.

We spend some time unpacking why we don't feel like we are entitled to a "luxury" vacation and how is it a mindset. It's the same mindset that has many women ordering from a menu solely by price.

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