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Although from different cities, they met on a Facebook group over the shared experience of thinking people were doing their marketing wrong. They quickly formed a friendship and started working together.

Good things can happen from sliding into people's DM's. They started working by helping each other in their businesses before they started working together and building projects together.

Once they launched their podcast, System to Thrive, it has been more intentional and gradual as they start to build their dream team.

We discuss the importance of understanding the way your partner likes to get work done and giving them the things they need to do their best work.

We realize how we don't talk enough about non-spousal adult relationships and friendships, partnerships, and working with "work husbands and work wives."

When you work closely with someone you are going to learn things you love about them and things you don't love so much... It educates you on the art of compromise. It's not about who wins but creating the best work together.

Trust is not one of those things where you have a moment where it's just "there." Trust is something you know when it's not "there."

It's important to normalize misunderstandings and break in trust even in business relationships. We are human and humans have emotions. The important thing to do is realize you can reach back out and repair those misunderstands and breaks in trust and foster a stronger relationship with deeper trust. Not just write off someone professionally at the first sign of disagreement or conflict.

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