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Let's get back to our roots and the very reason I started GIVES 0. I have always intended for this to be a platform where we open our eyes in an effort to better understand the world around us.
I took a lot of time this weekend thinking about the show and it's voice in the vast offerings available to us all in the ever growing world of digital media. Somehow, we caught a gear and, to my pleasant surprise, we STILL continue to grow. In going back and looking at the episodes that were popular, to my pleasant surprise, it's the ones where we just talk like humans together, maybe have a laugh or a group cry and just get on to the business of "making it in this world together".
With that philosophy I am rededicating the program to that initial mission. We (You and I) have questions. We'd like answers. Together we'll find them.
Together, we'll make it.
I don't care about "politics" - I don't care about "party" or "party loyalty" - I don't care about the media, the narrative or who "shot John". I want truth, fairness, justice and my shot at life, liberty and happiness. Other than that, I give zero.
Love you guys, talk to you soon!
p.s. Sorry about some background noise. "Winx" (the studio cat) popped in for a visit.

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