WOKE! - "N Word" Style!


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WOKE LIBTARDS (despite what they may think or say) have been PROGRAMMED to be the most racist SOBs in the world. This little soy champ has had his (China owned) TIK TOK video run the gamut lately. And it's scoring big with the "WOKE" bunch too. Why? Because he admits, since he's WHITE, he's automatically a RACIST!!!!!
See the Monkey CLICK HERE
This circular logic is not only false, it's the hallmark of a "Simon Says" champion! Literally, he's racist because... wait for it... he's a certain color. (Because the other colors MUST be something too. MINE is just - ummmm - racist. Yeah.
God, I hope you have to pay full tilt for your college education. You've earned it big guy. You're a champ. And also, a stark, flaming, racist, idiot of a pawn. When your testicles drop, you're going to be so ashamed of yourself.
Patriots, please send your kids to private school.
Love you guys! Thanks for keeping us growing!!

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