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Took some personal time today. So rather than fight with the news of the world, I wanted this show to be you and I exploring who and what we are together. I told a bit about my personal world BUT mostly, I want to invite you to spend more time in OUR "Gives 0" world.
I want to thank ALL OF YOU for helping this platform grow more and more every day. Sometimes it's almost spooky to see how many plays/downloads it has gotten when our numbers are reported to me. I can only thank you guys for keeping it alive. I literally had NO FORMULA for doing this other than stream of conscious (ok, fine, it's bitching) on the microphone and letting it play to the world. Bumps, bruises and all. Well, something struck a chord because here you are. And I love you guys.
Also a reminder that POCASTS are important because they are hard to shut down. At some point, the way things are going, the FCC will try and kill Conservative talk radio. We MUST stick together and keep these things going!!
Keep your part of America STRONG - our time is coming. Be ready. Be brave. Say your prayers.
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END MUSIC: "Oh Say Can't You See?" by: Project Hayseed
Love you guys!!

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