Gladfest 2018: Simon Grennan - Marie Duval Rediscovered


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Join Simon Grennan as he immerses you in the exciting, strange and compelling world of Victorian comics genius Marie Duval, lost for 130 years. You will follow his voyage of discovery, hearing the story of unearthing Duval’s work with colleagues Roger Sabin and Julian Waite, and bringing over 1,500 comic strips, vignettes and drawings to light. Duval was a stage actress as well as a cartoonist. You will both hear and see how experiences of the Victorian stage profoundly influenced her drawings and her comic vision. Simon, Roger and Julian are the creators of 'The Marie Duval Archive', available free online at They have also just published the first ever book of her work: Marie Duval (Myriad Editions) recreates the oddball thrills, slapstick humour and keen pleasures of observation that mark her uniquely drawn brand of visual comedy, and which prove her to be one of the founders of British comics.

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