Glenn Clark Radio December 4, 2019 (Michael Pierce, Patrick Mekari, Jimmy Dykes)


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Busy #WouldYouRatherWednesday edition of GCR. Would you rather a loved one purchase you a ticket to the Super Bowl for Christmas/Hanukkah OR purchase you a betting slip for the Ravens to win the Super Bowl (+260 odds) that costs the same as the ticket (likely about $5,000 at the moment)? Early in Hour 1, Ravens Defensive Tackle Michael Pierce joined the show to discuss their red hot play, "Big Truss" and more. Later in Hour 1, a visit from PressBox Ravens beat writer Bo Smolka-how much concern should there be about the 49ers' success running the ball outside? Early in Hour 2, ESPN analyst/long-time college basketball coach Jimmy Dykes joined us before he calls Maryland/Notre Dame tonight and at the bottom of Hour 2, Ravens OL Patrick Mekari checked in to discuss making his first career start against the 49ers, his constant competitions with his pro athlete girlfriend and more.

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