Glenn Clark Radio March 24, 2021 (Geno Stone, Justin Gorham, Patrick Stevens)


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It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday, presented by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather the Ravens sign T.Y. Hilton and then trade Orlando Brown for a 2nd round pick OR trade Brown for Mike Williams and a mid-round pick? And WYR Maryland move on from Turgeon but struggle in a search and end up having to hire a famous alum (like Steve Blake) OR nah, in that case just keep Turgeon? Midway through Hour 1, our weekly visit with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post, US Lacrosse Magazine) covered the Terps' end, Turgeon (and the roster)'s future and the Sweet 16. Early in Hour 2, former Towson Tiger (Justin Gorham) joined us as his Houston Cougars prepare to face Syracuse in the Sweet 16. And at the bottom of Hour 2, safety Geno Stone checked in after re-signing with the Ravens this week.

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