Glenn Clark Radio March 25, 2021 (Hunter Long, Dan Shonka, Barstool Banks)


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Glenn kicked off today's show by reporting what he knows about the situation with Mark Turgeon at Maryland after speaking to multiple sources yesterday. He doesn't have an "answer," but he has some clarity. Near the bottom of Hour 1, this week's NFL Draft segment with Ourlads scouting director/former NFL scout Dan Shonka. He LOVES Azeez Ojulari and Rashod Bateman, but what other options could the Ravens have at those positions if those guys are off the board? Later in Hour 1, one of the top tight end prospects in the NFL Draft-Boston College's Hunter Long-checked in with us to discuss how he was able to break out after going underlooked for so long and his interest in a team that uses their tight ends as much as the Ravens. Kyle is more bullish about T.Y. Hilton (who the Ravens missed out on) than Glenn, so Glenn bull-ied him into making a bet early in Hour 2. At the bottom of Hour 2, someone who is definitely NOT Barstool Banks, but then someone who definitely IS joined us to talk about the Ravens' WR search-who could they target in a trade? Plus some thoughts about Mark Turgeon and more.

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