Glenn Clark Radio May 7, 2021 (Bob Baffert, Edward James Olmos, Quincy Roche)


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We celebrated yesterday so today we have to ask the awkward question-is John Means' greater value with the Orioles or as a particularly incredible trade chip? Late in Hour 1, Baltimore native Quincy Roche (New Town) joined us to discuss what it was like to be drafted by the Steelers, how awkward it is for some friends and family and the chip on his shoulder after falling into the sixth round. Early in Hour 2 we went in the kitchen with Kyle for some sweet potato wedges. Near the bottom of Hour 2, a surreal conversation with legendary actor Edward James Olmos about his new golf movie "Walking With Herb." And we wrapped the show by chatting with the legendary Bob Baffert about winning his fourth Kentucky Derby with Medina Spirit and why he prepares himself to lose in the Preakness.

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