How to Become an International Interior Designer


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Hello Insiders, today I have a lady who has followed her passion into a dream job.
Her intuition has led her a far way and now she is able to work and travel the world.
She says, "Keep your mind healthy, keep learning, keep your mind open and you will be good."
She was really open in her talk so please get ready to learn a number of tips.
3:40- Her highschool years
6:10 - How she chose a dream career in Interior design
7:07 - The main challenges interior designers have
10:50 - The most challenging course in interior design
14:40 - How to make your luck to get a dream job
15:18 - Why move to Japan?
20:04 - What does the day to day job of an interior designer look like?
22:00 - Why these two places( Roastery Tokyo and Fly Pony- Shanghai) are her
favorite designs
28:19 - No age limits (go for your dreams at any age)
Contact: You can connect with Cyrissa at ci.render on Instagram.

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