How to Get Promoted in Eikaiwas in Japan


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Hello Insiders, it has been a while but I have not forgotten about you. I see your downloads, so I know you haven't forgotten about me, too.
Today I am back with a very informative show with Chris who works in an Eikaiwa in Japan. He is going to tell us about his journey and how he got promoted to middle-management in the land of the rising sun. So sit back and relax as this show will add to your knowledge bank.
1:23 - Introduction
2:41 - Why did you move to Japan
4:19 - Initial challenges faced in Japan
13:43 - How to get into middle management in Japan
16:13 - What Eikaiwas are looking for from workers
17:13 - Emotional intelligence is very important in Japan
20:22 - Social Life in Japan
21:57 - Traveling from Japan to other Asian countries
23:53 - How to study Japanese if you can't even say Konichiwa
26:49 - Contact info for Chris -

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