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In Episode #36, we are joined by Lingling Zhang, a Presidential Diamond Wellness Advocate with doTERRA International LLC. We discuss:

  • Lingling’s experience moving from China to the U.S., including how she was received in the U.S. and how her decision was viewed by her Chinese colleagues.

  • The IT (information technology) industry in China vs. the U.S.

  • How Lingling’s IT experience prepared her to succeed after her significant transition away from IT and into health and wellness.

  • Why the prevalence of health and wellness companies, including those focused on essential oils and other nutraceuticals, have been increasing and will likely continue to increase.

  • The challenges of overseeing and managing a team across multiple countries and time zones.

  • How dealing with individuals across borders makes those international borders matter less and brings people together foremost as people, no matter the languages, countries, or cultures.

  • Reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

We’ll see you next week when we sit down to discuss our reflections on 2020 and predictions for 2021 for the blog and for international law and business.

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