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Gov. Two-Face/Black-Face Ralph Northam (D-VA) pretended to be happy there was no violence at Monday's (1/20/2020) pro-Second Amendment rally. The MainStream Media did their best to rally the Leftist thugs. Guess they forget, The Right does it right. The impeachment (hoax) trial gets underway this week. House Dems continue to live under the delusion that they set the agenda for the GOP-controlled Senate trial. Getting their way in the House is different than running the Senate. It's time for House Dems to shut up...and grow up. In college basketball, #1 did NOT lose this week. Somebody forgot to tell the poll voters, as they dropped the Gonzaga Bulldogs to #2, elevating the Baylor Bears to #1. Meanwhile, my Iowa Hawkeyes, on a bit of a roll themselves, have a tough Rutgers team coming into Iowa City after tonight's show (1/22/2020). And, for those in hiding, we have our participants for Super Bowl LIV. The Kansas City Chiefs return after a 50-year absence, while the San Francisco 49ers are back for their first trip post-Kaepernick who, for his appearance, had yet to kneel. But, while San Fran is the bigger dump of the two, America's BBQ Capital is playing catch-up with a couple of deaths last Sunday during post-ticket punch rabble rousing.

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