Islam in Focus--Conference Examines Product Labeling Lawfare against Israel


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George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School's Center for International Law in the Middle East (CILME) will host a conference on January 17 concerning the European Union's Court of Justice recent November 2019 decision concerning Israel's Psagot winery. The decision held that Israeli products from Judea-Samaria/West Bank and the Golan Heights must have labels declaring the products' origins as in “settlements” in “occupied territory.” The conference will examine the discriminatory nature of this novel ruling, as products from other occupied territories have not been previously subject to such requirements. Renowned Scalia Law School Professor Eugene Kontorovich will moderate and the former American ambassadro to the European Union, Stuart Eizenstat, will give opening remarks. Show host Andrew E. Harrod will report on the conference.

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