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Last week was a lot of fun. I was able to speak the entire show about the Bible, about Jesus Christ, about how we know Jesus died for our sins, about how we know this happened, and I was able to present all kinds of evidence for this. This week – not so much – this week we are going to ask the question – if you are a Muslim – can you lie about other people to keep them for critiquing your faith. I have essentially been de-platformed on facebook for 30 days. Which really isn’t all that big of a deal if I am not making some sort of impact. This, to me, is really what brings me the most amount of joy! Truly!!! If I was not having an impact no one would bother with this small potatoes Kafir – right. However, I have have four facebook accounts closed down – only to rebuild others. I have been banned and banned and banned only to keep showing up – some way somehow here every Sunday. Why – because I agonize every night when I close my eyes of what happened to those who die without Christ. It terrifies my soul. This is why I am here every Sunday. This is why I endure the harassment and the hateful comments. If I was not being harassed or called names, then I would know that I was not being effective. Ergo – the show today: Its all about Islam and those who profess that Muhammad is/was a prophet. Really? Lets take a good look – shall we? Yes we shall!!! If you want to call in to listen for better audio or to participate on the show the number is (319) 527-6706. Shalom - Eric

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