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I have noticed that one of the biggest objections to the who Jesus is by Muslims is the reliability of the New Testament itself. Today I want to provide a simple overview of how the New Testament was compiled, who the authors were, and how we can be sure of its contents. We will look at the history of the New Testament, its books, how it was transmitted, how it was recorded, and compare what they had then to what we have now. This will be done using the historic method - not the Muslamic application of history. In other words, we will look at this like how historians arrive at those events we find in the textbooks we teach to our children. In addition to this, we will also analyze a recent article published by: They have proven to be quality entertainment! So, I expect you will all be entertained by 59 ways Muslims are expected to behave. Don't worry, I won't bore you with all of them - I will only address the ones that make us laugh at their hypocrisy and duplicity. If you want to call in to listen for better audio or to participate on the show the number is (319) 527-6706.

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