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As promised, this Sunday is going to be a real treat and quality entertainment. I will be hosting a debate between our friend and guest host Chris Claus and a previous guest Faydi Yass. They will be debating the Deity of Jesus Christ. One of the three pillars of Christianity is the deity of Jesus (Death, deity, resurrection). If a Christian was to deny the deity of Jesus, they would not be a Christian. Muhammad taught in the Quran that Christians have exaggerated their faith by making Jesus out to be God. He commands Muslims to “say not three, Jesus was only a prophet of Allah” (Quran 4:171). Sunday we will hear both of these assertion defended and criticized. It will indeed quality entertainment. The show begins at 4PM CST (Chicago time) and will go on for a little over an hour. If you want to listen in using your phone or might have a question I could ask either of the participants, call (319) 527-6706. Shalom! Eric

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