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Welcome to Radio Free Kafirsitan. This is a radio program dedicated to rightly dividing the truth between Christianity and Islam. We examine the evidence for both of these faith in order to arrive at the truth it leads us too. If you want to call in to listen for better audio or to participate on the show the number is (319) 527-6706. As always we will be covering a wide variety of issues that include some news items, Why Not Ask-a-Muslim, the Bible Bits (facts that demonstrate the truthfulness of the Bible), we’ll mock CAIR in the criers corner, and then its off on another ride on the Truth Train looking at the anachronisms we find in the Quran. Lastly, the Truth Train will expose the anachronisms we find in the Quran clearly demonstrating that Muhammad was not only illiterate, he was a historically ignorant of facts that he should have known if the Quran he was reciting was indeed from Allah. Enjoy the show. If you want to join the show via Zoom cut and paste the link and you can come right in: Shalom - Eric

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