The Real Interfaith Dialogue


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This week's discussion deals with: Anachronisms in the Quran. The Quran is full of Anachronisms; 1. A Samaritan helping Aaron build the golden calf at Mount Sinai (Quran 20:35-88/95) 2. King David wearing chain mail (Quran 34:10-11) 3. The Pharaoh crucifying people (Quran 12:41 and 20:21) 4. Joseph being sold into slavery for coins (Quran 12:20) 5. Haman – from the book of Esther - serving Pharaoh’s court (Quran 28:5-8) 6. Mary being both the mother of Jesus and the sister of Aaron and Moses (Quran 3:33-45) There are many more that need to be discussed. Let’s start with these and see the Islamic defense of abject falsehoods being told by Muhammad. We will be discussing this topic on this week’s Cross and Crescent Discussion Group (aka "The Real Interfaith Dialogue) if anyone would ever want to try to defend this live. We will be in the following Zoom room if you want to see us live: Shalom - Eric

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