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Since Soleimani's death, Democrat Party in America manufactures phony War narrative. Iran manufactures phony funeral procession & Democrats are elated. Iran downs a Ukrainian Airliner, Iranian people take to streets condemning their government - Theocratic Islamic Terrorists, Democrats Silent! Democrats attempt to defend the indefensible Islamic Terrorist Qasem Soleimani. Suleimani taken out as a "Targeted Killing", not an "Assassination". Iran's reign of terror prosecuted by Devout Fundamental Gen Soleimani. Democrats so despise Pres Trump they would mindlessly willing to defend an Islamic Terrorist? Islamic Terror attack at Charlie Hebdo Magazine was 5 yrs ago, January 7, 2015, for daring to draw a picture of mohammed. 12 Dead, 11 injured at hands of Islamic Terrorists. Islamic Terror continues to claim lives in France. Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression under full assault, intolerated by Islam in France. This is a pattern infecting the West! John Kerry Stated, Obama Administrations $1.7 Billion payment to Iran: "We gave them a little bit of money". Yes a "Little Bit of money". Iran has reigned a "Little Bit" Terror! 609 Americans Dead! Funding Hamas, Hezbollah & destabilizing Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen. Join us at 6pm EST. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @gpatriotradio @mamamiaNOsharia Support your Local Law Enforcement! God Bless our Troops & God Bless AMERICA!

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