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Ilhan Omar & Rashida Mother Effer Tlaib double down on their Anti-Semitism & have no regrets for their Hate or Anti-Semitic Statements. Did Speaker Pelosi LIE when she stated Incestuous Ilhan Omar did not have command of the English Language? Sadly Speaker Pelosi has enabled this Hate for Israel & Jews, even Jewish Members of Congress & plunged the US House into a state of Dysfunction, Excuses, Hate & Do Nothing Congress. Miss World America has submitted. Miss Michigan World America loses Beauty Crown for stating Hijab makes women oppressed under islam and quotes Black on Black Crime Statistics. So under Miss World America quoting STATISTICAL FACTS can be considered "Hate Speech" & Refusing to wear a Hijab on the sham World Hijab Day crosses the submission line. It does not matter if Miss Michigan World America is a "Woman of Color"? Has Miss World America submitted? What is happening in America? Is Islam on Fast Track in America? Has the Pelosi Led House tossed aside all American Foundings & Values because of She & Her Party's disdain for the POTUS? Join us at 6pm EST where we will be discussing this and more. Well summer has left us here in Little Falls today - 67 is high & Rainy! Brr! Support your Local Law Enforcement God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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