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290 Dead in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday - As Christians gathered for a Sunday morning Celebration. Islam goes on attack - 6 bombings including a Catholic Church & Hotel attacked in a coordinated Islamic Jihad attack! 290 DEAD! No mention of Islamic Terror in the attacks - But simply a "Crime against Humanity" as defined by Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama. He might as well have said - Some People did something. The silence is deafening from Islamic Leaders in America and around the world condemning their fellow muslims for this heinous intolerant attack on Christians, yet again! On Christians most Holiest of Holidays! In America Multicultural PC Revisionist scoundrals seeking to re-write history. Now Kate Smith, the iconic singer of God Bless America, at Professional Sports Venues - such as Yankee Stadium and Philadelphia Flyers Hockey who play at Wells Fargo Center, have removed Kate Smith. They removed her for two songs she recorded in the 1930's! The 1930's! This is incredible. Flyers even removing a statue of Kate Smith. WHEN WILL THIS INSANITY STOP? Just re-write history as if it didn't happen. But hey Islamic Terrorism, Don't mention Islam or use the word Muslim to identify the terrorists! Join us this evening at 6pm EST! Not only is it a balmy 62 degrees in Little Falls, NY but the Yankees removing Kate Smith song is getting one hot under the collar. @gpatriotradio #mamamiaNOsharia Support your LOCAL Law Enforcement God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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