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Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day in America! Peaceful Civil Rights Leader of the 60's, gunned down at the age of 39. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" will live in infamy. Tomorrow, January 21, 2020 starts the Senate Impeachment Trial. 3 yrs to the day President Trump took office. The Anti-Constitutional Democrat Party seeks to overturn the 2016 Presidential Elections. It's been the mission of the Corrupt Democrat Party to overturn "We the People's" decision of 2016. Democrats FAILED attempt to rig & tampering of the 2016 election has led to a never ending quest to remove Pres Trump from office. Now the Democrats are Tampering with the 2020 Elections. It's not the Russians interfering with our elections, it's the Democrat Party in America, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi & DNC Chair Tom Perez. It appears US Senate is ready to LAWFULLY conduct a trial, unlike the Partisan Corrupt House. The Lies & MIsinformation continue to spew from Democrats - using the words Bribe & Extortion to ad naseam in their talking points, yet they've not filed any criminal charges against the president. The first time in US History an attempt to impeach a president has occurred with NO CRIME! Fragile Left Wing's feelings have been hurt & now following Jerry Nadler's 6pg Manifesto! Join us at 6pm EST, Monday! We will discuss this and more! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: @gpatriotradio @mamamiaNOsharia. Keep the Hawaii Police Dept in your prayers. 2 officers senselessly killed near Waikiki Beach! God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!!

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